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The Money Matrix Method

In this unique book, Dr. Craig shows how you can use the Logical Soul(R) program specifically to resolve hidden money issues and decisions that keep you stuck (and broke!).  Available as both E-Book and print version (soft ppbk, 102 pages).

The author currently lives with his wife of over 20 years in the Atlanta area, is the creator of the Logical Soul(r), currently sees private clients, and travels the world sharing and teaching his unique transformational methods.

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Ever Wonder Why Some People ...
  • ...go through life and seem to easily attract all the wealth they need? Ever wonder how these same people can FOCUS so easily and ACT CONSISTENTLY to get the results they aim for... over time, every time??

    Its no secret that the wealthy and powerful are born with something… but WHAT? While they SAY “anyone can be rich” (and we bought it!) they simply DO NOT KNOW the forces that pull down 96% of humanity… forces of relentless self-sabotage and failure conditioning.

    In this powerful book, Dr. Craig lays out his discovery of “The Money Matrix”™ and why each person contains a unique matrix that can either attract money… or consistently push it away. He also shows you – step-by-step – how to find the hidden decisions that make up your own matrix, and transform your inner conditioning fast!


    “Michael, you’ve definitely hit the nail on the head with The Money Matrix Method™! The techniques you lay out are pure genius…!”

    Jason Oman, Best-selling author of Conversations with Millionaires

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