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Are You Made Of The "Right Stuff"
To Become An Amazing
Personal Coach?
Take This 2 Minute Quiz To find Out - Free!
How good a coach are you? Can you actually make a living as a coach?? Take this short quiz to find out whether or not you have what it takes to be a successful life or business coach.
INSTRUCTIONS: Select the BEST answer fromeach question below, then Click Submit for the results.

  1. Do you enjoy working with others?

  2. Not really. I'm more of a loner.
    Yes, but mainly with friends.
    Yes, as an advisor to friends and co-workers
    Yes, I find I can work with almost anyone.

  3. How well do you communicate with others?

  4. Not well. I prefer emails and memos.
    OK. I like hanging around people who like me.
    I listen well and help others solve problems.
    I listen between the lines and look for hidden objectives.

  5. How well do you understand body language?

  6. I know when someone's abgry or not listening.
    I can tell when others are lying to me.
    I know all the major body language indicators.
    I can very quickly determine a person's real intentions.

  7. How do you achieve results?

  8. I act, then wait to see what happens.
    I do research, act, then see what happens.
    I research, act, then retest actions to get results.
    I first measure subconscious intent, then research, act and re-test.

  9. What is your commitment to success?

  10. Depends on what my spirit guide or horoscope says.
    Honestly? I'm a bit beaten down by life and often ready to quit.
    I've had a little success, and like my chances.
    I will do whatever it takes to succeed.

  11. What's your level of marketing skill?

  12. I talk to people and go on social media.
    I have a blog or website and a small list of email prospects.
    I blog, email my list and give talks to groups to build interest.
    I build my practice using blogs, email, talks, SEO, media and social media.

  13. How often do you engage in success-building activities like seminars, webinars, books or CDs/DVDs?

  14. Hardly ever.
    Once or twice a month.
    Three to five times a month.
    Almost daily.

Great going! You have answered some very important questions to help determine your success in coaching. The NEXT STEP is to
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  2. Write down your SCORE, then
  3. Click on GIVE ME MORE to learn what you Score means!

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