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Coach Training

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Free Training Reveals How To Discover
Your Niche and
Triple Your Income
From Coaching!
Learn how to quickly tap into simple things you do every day that can transform the lives of others... I call it my "30 Minutes to Coaching Profits" and will help you start making More Money from Coaching ...Right Now for Free!!
Here's what you will discover:

Finding your Niche as a Life Coach is probably the most important element when it comes to selling your services.  But "niching" can also be tricky - mainly because coaching is such a wide-open profession!  In this video interview, Doctors Ron Owens and Michael Craig discuss their own search for a niche, and how YOU can...

  • Find Out What Your Clients Really Want - And How To Best Serve Them...
  • Uncover Your Passion -  How Everyday Interests Can Earn You a Fortune...
  • Make More Money As A Coach! - Watch the video and take a few simple steps to kick-start your coaching career now! 
  • A 5-Module Training Course in one 23-minute video! 
Get Access to My 23-Minute Video
Niche Training Now!
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Enjoy Making More Money As A Life Coach
By Tapping Into Your Own Built-In Skills, Talents and Passions.

From the Desk of:  Dr. Michael Craig

Thank you for checking out my free video interview with Dr. Ron Owens.  Go there now to start learning how to tap into your true purpose as a coach while avoiding many of the mistakes I've made!
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This video training interview by Dr. Michael Craig was originally done as part of his radio show podcast, Logical Soul Talk.  He spoke with Dr. Ron Owens, a psychologist, counselor and life coach and coach trainer about ways you and other life coaches can discover and develop your specific coaching niche, using personal skills and experience.

During this interview series, learn how and why both doctors became coaches as a direct result of their life experiences.   Learn how you, too, can find your unique niche as a life coach, help more people, and earn more money.

Get Access To My Free Online Interview:
"30 Minutes To Coaching Profits"
. . . A 5-Module Niche Training !
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